”Luminous! One of the most beloved films
at Sundance this year… Intelligent, delicate and touching.”

- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

”Exceptional! A slice of delicately captured childhood.”
- Variety

“An inspired generational document .. Eve & the Fire Horse is such a quiet, clear-eyed meditation on childhood that you barely notice as it burns its way into your mind. And when it’s over, you’re left with this magnificent maze of memory, a latticework of images lifted from the sweet and sombre playground world of two young sisters.”

“An exceptionally talented cast, beautiful cinematography and art direction, attention to detail, and Kwan’s flawless screenplay, make Eve & The Fire Horse one of the most enchanting and memorable films made in this country.”
- The Globe and Mail

“A Small Miracle!”
- Austin Chronicle

“A Rare Gem!”
-San Francisco Weekly

“Eve & the Fire Horse has a kind of poetry that lifts it above the typical drama of immigrant life and gives her characters a lasting poignancy.”
- Toronto Star

“A sweet, perfectly observed family drama… it’s the most charming movie so far this year.”
- Utah Chronicle

“Sparkles with visual Magic!”
- Toronto Sun




“Ms. Goodman achieves an almost shocking level of intimacy with her subjects.”

-Dana Stevens, New York Times


“Army of One” should become required viewing for all troubled youth, their uncertain parents, the military establishment and their detractors or supporters.”

-James Wegg, Film Threat Magazine


“If you can handle the truth, Sarah Goodman’s entropic doc is as exquisite a basic training in banal U.S. Army culture as you’re likely to find.”

-Laura Sinagra, Village Voice


“Goodman doesn’t preach or point fingers. She lets the three recruits have their say, and allows viewers to make up their own minds on the issues her film raises.”

-New York Post


“Military life can be experienced at a safe distance in “Army of One,” a riveting and timely new docu for which Canuck picmakers were given generous access to U.S. military bases and recruiting stations.”

-Ken Eisner, Variety


“Contains truly eye-opening moments.”

-Christian Science Monitor