Vancouver, BC, April 1, 2013:

After 5 years as Executive Director of the Crazy8s Film Society and Producer of the Crazy8s Film Event,  Erik Paulsson is stepping down in order to develop a new slate of projects for Red Storm Productions.  He will be replaced by veteran producer Paul Armstrong.

Erik: “It was a very rewarding experience running Crazy8s.  I feel very proud of what I accomplished. Over the last five years I have helped develop the careers of hundreds of local directors, producers, writers, actors, and the many crew members involved in the 30 productions we supported while I was at the helm. When I started, the event was attended by less than 700 people, followed by a modest party at a local bar.  Last year it was attended by close to 1,400 people, including many of the who’s who of the Vancouver Film Industry, and over the last two years we’ve had huge parties at Science World and the Art Gallery.  It has become one of the must-attend events in the city, and thanks to the various educational components I added to the event, the quality of filmmaking has been extraordinary.”

Erik Paulsson is about to embark on a global tour to film a new documentary series he is developing on the History of Mysticism.  In addition, he is in development with a one hour documentary on Transformational Psychology, as well as three feature films.

“I am looking forward to my return as a full time producer and director.  I intend to bring my projects to the next level by developing  globally minded, awe inspiring projects that I believe will raise the consciousness of humanity.  I am dedicated to inspiring the change our planet needs at this time.”