eve-and-the-fire-horse-posterWinner – Special Jury Prize, Sundance

Produced by Erik Paulsson, Shan Tam, and Yves J. Ma,  Written & Directed by Julia Kwan



After a series of misfortunes strike the Eng family, May Lin (Vivian Wu) and her daughters, Eve and Karena (Phoebe Kut, Hollie Lo) turn to Buddhism, Catholicism, and ancient Chinese superstitions to try and take control of their destinies.  Touched by the images of Jesus’ suffering, Karena quickly embraces Catholicism and all of its doctrines. Meanwhile, Eve views Christianity and Buddhism as a world of magic and games.  Repeatedly, Eve’s imagination gets her into trouble, and Karena sets demanding tasks for her sister on her road to salvation.  When a potential misfortune threatens to harm them, Karena and Eve decide they must achieve sainthood in order to save their wayward family and it takes them down a path that will change their lives forever.  Seen through the eyes of an imaginative young girl, Eve & the Fire Horse takes you on a wondrous yet deeply felt journey, where family life is strange, childhood lonely and religion perplexing.

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