OneSheet Front med Army of One (70 min)
Winner – Best Canadian Feature Documentary, Hot Docs
Produced by Erik Paulsson and Nova Ami, Written & Directed by Sarah Goodman
Broadcast on BBC “Storyville” (UK), Discovery-Times Network (USA), CBC’s “Passionate Eye” (Canada), DOC Channel (Canada), SBS (Australia), IFC Canada.Army of One portrays three young recruits who joined the military soon after September 11th.  In stark contrast to the iconic patriotic hero America sells at home and abroad, their stories reveal the more typical, if rarely disclosed, unheroic truth about the muddled circumstances that lead many young people to join in the first place, and the personal sacrifices they must endure to survive the army.The military’s self-proclaimed mission is to break down individuals and reshape them to be part of an unwavering fighting machine.  Army of One uncovers the human price that youth pay to feed the military’s mission.
Poster Island of Shadows (50 min.)
Winner – Gemini Award and 3 Leo Awards
Produced, Written, and Directed by Erik Paulsson for CTV and Vision TV
Few people know of British Columbia’s forgotten leper colony.  Between 1891 and 1924, D’Arcy Island in the Georgia Strait, was prison to a handful of men and one woman who were banished there to die.   There were never more than nine people exiled at any given time, and once a single man was left alone for fifteen months.    Though the disease is crippling in its later stages, no one was left on the island to provide care.   Their only contact with the outside world was a supply ship that came every three months  to drop off food, opium and coffins.  Medical officers of the time reported that conditions on the island were deplorable, yet for years nothing was done.  Why?  They had leprosy, they were Chinese and no government would take responsibility.
Poster The Edge of the World:  BC’s Early Years (50 min.)
Produced, Written, and Directed by Erik Paulsson for the Knowledge Network
The Edge of the World:  BC’s Early Years is a 50 minute documentary that chronicles the events, people, and places that shaped British Columbia’s early history, from pre-European contact to the dawning of the 20th century.  It brings together 20 fascinating stories from our own wild west – tales of the Salmon People, death-defying voyageurs, desperate gold seekers, Chinese railway workers, and heroic women of the frontier.
sayido Say I Do:  Unveiling the Stories of Mail Order Brides (50 min.)
Produced by Erik Paulsson, Written & Directed by Nova Arlene Ami for CTV and Vision TV
Dreams and harsh realities clash when young mail-order brides escaping the poverty of the Philippines find themselves isolated in the small towns and rural areas of British Columbia, dependent on the whims of their new Canadian husbands. Through intimate and astonishingly frank interviews with both husbands and wives, Arlene Ami brings us fully into the complexities and underlying power relations of three couples, and exposes the very real dangers women risk in leaving their families and culture to marry strangers. The lush tropical landscapes of the Philippines and the rugged landscapes of rural B.C. act as insistent metaphors for the immense chasm between cultures. Say I Do is a powerful indictment of a growing mail-order bride industry that results from the economic consequences of globalization for developing countries and the proliferation of websites that ‘traffic in women.’
Poster Peacing It Together (30 min.)
Produced & Directed by Erik Paulsson and Nova Arlene Ami
Peacing it Together follows  a group of Palestinian, Israeli and Canadian youth participated in a unique peace and filmmaking camp at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School on Canada’s west coast.  Organized by the Peace It Together Society, the three week experience brought together bitter enemies from across the globe to the forests of British Columbia where they learned to live and co-create in harmony.   During their stay, they participated in various team building activities and dialogue sessions before being divided into small groups to create original films about the Middle East conflict.  Through the lens of a camera they created seven short films that reflected their lives, fears, and hopes.