OneSheet Front medArmy of One (70 min)
Winner – Best Canadian Feature Documentary, Hot Docs
Produced by Erik Paulsson and Nova Ami, Written & Directed by Sarah Goodman

Broadcast on BBC “Storyville” (UK), Discovery-Times Network (USA), CBC’s “Passionate Eye” (Canada), DOC Channel (Canada), SBS (Australia), IFC Canada.

Army of One portrays three young recruits who joined the military soon after September 11th.  In stark contrast to the iconic patriotic hero America sells at home and abroad, their stories reveal the more typical, if rarely disclosed, unheroic truth about the muddled circumstances that lead many young people to join in the first place, and the personal sacrifices they must endure to survive the army.The military’s self-proclaimed mission is to break down individuals and reshape them to be part of an unwavering fighting machine.  Army of One uncovers the human price that youth pay to feed the military’s mission.